Organizational Transformation

At Marble Leadership Partners, we believe in change that moves organizations towards a desired future, rather than moving away from a past you no longer want. While the distinction seems subtle, it isn’t. Successful transformations require the organization to want to change, and without a compelling, exciting vision of the desired future, the status quo will prevail.


Marble’s experience with successful transformations can help you with yours. We work with you to clarify the vision you wish to see and help your employees see themselves in it. We take a whole-systems approach and involve all stakeholder groups in designing the plan for change: short, medium and long term.

We help design communication strategies to keep people informed. And, we take a positive approach, honoring the past while forging the future.

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Strategy Implementation

The phrase "we make clients wildly successful" began with a client describing the Leslie Marquard effect. Her way with questions and on-target guidance have created a global fan base of leaders and organizations that use her to help them set, refine, and reach stunning new goals. Learn More


Marble partnered with an entire ethnic community to launch and implement a strategy moving toward what its members needed, while changing decades of focus on the past.

Marble served as central project management and air traffic control during the implementation of a turnaround strategy at a Fortune 150 food supplier.

Culture Change

There are a few truths about culture:
Culture beats strategy every time. Changing culture is hard work.

Your organization is perfectly designed to achieve exactly what you’re achieving. The leadership, employees, even customers and vendors are all part of the ecosystem called “Your Culture” and it’s the universal contributor to your results.

If your culture no longer supports what you want, maybe it’s time to move toward one that does. It’s possible--just remember one more truth of culture change: not everyone will fit into the new culture and that’s ok. Learn More


Marble helped a private university begin a culture shift to a true customer-service culture by engaging all aspects of culture simultaneously.

Marble built enterprise-level strategy for a $2bn family-owned specialty packaging firm with a strong emphasis on building a culture of organic innovation.

Post Merger Integration

Is yours a merger that never integrated?
Are you realizing the value your acquisition was intended to provide?
How seamless is your customer’s experience with you?

Business cycles provide periods where mergers and acquisitions are so numerous it’s like a fashion trend gone viral. As plentiful as they are however, they’re not always very successful. Whether it’s through a cloudy financial lens used to identify potential merger or acquisition targets, or due diligence that failed to recognize culture clash, some mergers just don’t work. The one thing you can count on is that your customers know if you’re a post-merger entity that never integrated. Learn More


Marble assisted four stand-alone complementary companies to combine into one absence management powerhouse to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Marble assisted three faith-based schools sharing physical space to begin to work together on behalf of their students, despite religious differences.

Leadership Development

What is the state of leadership in your organization? What would you like it to be?

If there is one topic that owns and operates the shelves of both physical and virtual bookstores, it is leadership. Maybe the reason for this plethora of literature is that never has it been more difficult to lead, or more important. Leaders today are navigating waters uncharted, with tools and instruments they’ve never seen before. And its dark. Leadership agility may be the most valuable skill your organization can develop and the concept is still foreign to most leaders. Every leader has blind spots. Learn More


Marble worked with the executive team of a major manufacturer to help each leader identify, understand and work with his/her blind spots which were impacting leadership and ultimately, ROI.

Marble coaches worked with a major not-for-profit executive team developing leadership skills and relationships, helping them become a high-performance team.

In a time of severe financial challenge, Marble helped a CEO keep a solid footing while executing a turn around strategy, which ultimately saved the company.