Individual Executive Coaching

Would I Benefit From Coaching?

If there is a professional goal you have your sights set on, coaching can be the difference you need to attain it. Let's talk. Coaching is generative rather than remedial. Marble coaches do not believe you "need fixing." You just might be ready to bring more of you to your leadership. If someone else is suggesting or requiring you to get a coach but you don't have the desire for it, it might not be the right relationship for you.

What is the Coaching Process?

The coaching process begins by getting clear on your goals. In other words, how will you know your coaching relationship is Wildly Successful? We will co-design a meeting rhythm that serves you best. You will experience The Leadership Circle ProfileĀ© which will fast track our work together. Either in-person, by phone, or video conference the meeting style choice is yours.

We will also co-design the process for coaching according to what makes you successful. How do you learn best? We will use your many dimensions to your advantage: intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional. And, we will check in periodically to assess how the process is serving you and make any beneficial changes.


Kickoff Meeting

Executive and coach meet to identify
Executive's goals and design their
alliance and process



The Executive participates in The Lead-
ership Circle Profile* and Coach inter-
views key stakeholders.


Key Stakeholder Feedback

Coach and Executive explore Profile and
interview results to identify areas in


Wrap Up

Executive and Coach reflect on the course
traveled, evaluate the process and close out
their work together


Regular Meetings

Coach and Executive meet in person or by
phone working together toward achieving
the Executive's goals


Kickoff Meeting

Coach, Executive, and Boss meet+ as
agreed to review and affirm progress.

+ Check in discussions do not include content of coaching conversations

* The Leadership Circle ProfileĀ©