Strategic actioning session SM

If you found us because you heard about the SAS, welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

So what is the SAS?

In brief, it is a strengths-based, collaborative design experience held over one to three days for the purpose of solving strategic questions important to the organization. It's called Strategic Actioning because it goes far beyond strategic planning. Going further, it invites a cross-section of stakeholders like, executives, staff at all levels, board members, customers, vendors and others to work together creating an integrated solution set that is immediately actionable. No white binders needed.

The SAS experience offers the participants effective ways of engaging with even the most sensitive issues and each other. It aligns participants toward common understanding of the challenge being addressed, enables them to explore a wide range of possible ideas, provides firm ground for building and testing those ideas and yields decisions, not recommendations, ready for implementation.

The SAS follows a creative process which includes Illumination, Experimentation and Determination. It is fast, fun and fruitful.


When is the SAS the right choice?

When you want to tackle any systemic question, which despite previous attempts, has yet to be answered or successfully implemented, the SAS is the difference that makes a difference.

When you want to:

  • text-img Create organization-wide strategy that will truly serve your organization
  • text-img Launch a new product, division, market, or even a new company
  • text-img Integrate entities post-merger
  • text-img Help a new executive team quickly integrate with an organization
  • text-img Make a major change in direction
  • text-img Fast track culture change
  • text-img Innovate or ideate something new
  • text-img Cut costs thoughtfully
  • text-img Implement ERP systems
  • text-img Tackle any systemic question, which despite previous attempts, has yet to be answered or successfully implemented