Appreciative Inquiry Summit

What is an Appreciative Inquiry Summit?

Appreciative Inquiry is the positive change philosophy which emerged under the work of Professor David Cooperrider and his colleagues at Case Western Reserve University. At its essence, AI explores the strengths of an organization as a living system and builds upon them, rather than looking for problems to fix or deficits to fill. It combines the fields of positive psychology and organizational change to make large-scale change possible. Research suggests a strong correlation exists between positivity and increased ROI.Your people will produce far better outcomes when they are inspired to create, rather than tasked to fix what's broken. Which one motivates your best work?

answers the question, "what gives life to this organization when it is at its best?"

passionate thinking about a desired and preferred future.

shares possibilities for the future while building collective will to get there.

creates the high level actions that bring the future into being.

When is the AI Summit the right choice?

When you want to:

  • text-imgInvolve a very large participant group like an entire location for a company of an entire community.
  • text-imgEstablish a common vision and launch initatives to make it happen.
  • text-imgPropel an organization immersed in a culture of "fix what's broken" instead of "create what we want.
  • text-imgBuild a strengths-based culture