Collaborative Design Sessions

Common wisdom suggests you’ll get more strategic planning work done, faster, if you keep the number of those involved as small as possible. Does this happen in your organization? Sometimes a few key executives are holed up in a “war room” for a few days creating a five-year plan. Or, maybe consultants study the organization and put a plan together on behalf of the executive team. The plan is often “rolled out” to the board, other leaders, department employees, etc., to get “buy-in.” It’s a linear process during which months pass, and the plan often fizzles when the first unforeseen obstacle is met.

Marble offers two types of collaborative design sessions:

Is there something better than “buy-in?”

At Marble Leadership Partners, we believe, buy-in results from a limited approach to creating strategy. Instead, our aim is for ownership and evangelism throughout and beyond the organization where stakeholders share both enthusiasm and responsibility for the future. This requires a different way of thinking about creating strategic plans and it means engaging all kinds of stakeholders-- not just the executive team. When employees at all levels, customers, vendors, board members, etc. are co-creators of a common, desired future, they will move mountains to make it happen.

We don’t have time for that!

That’s where we come in. Our collaborative design approach collapses the amount of time needed to create comprehensive strategy to less than the traditional approach, and swiftly spreads ownership for getting results into the organization. In the space of a few skillfully led days, organizations can accomplish 6-12 months work and greatly improve implementation success. Working with us, your organization will be operating in its new strategic plan before the marker boards are dry.